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A Reliable Name

Nextep Wires & Cables are the result of the years of research and development by experts and engineers. Nextep Wires & Cables are manufactured in accordance with the international standards. Cables & Wires are packed with the assurance of quality after qualifying a series of laboratory test. First time marketed in Pakistan Nextep Wires & Cables are not only safer and durable than other substandard cables but they also save energy and cut down your electricity bills al lot.

Nextep Wires & Cables are tested by expert engineers to meet the higher standards during all the manufacturing stages. These Wires & Cables are packed after passing the rigorous quality  lab tests of quality control department.


Nextep Wires & Cables are manufactured from high grade Copper and Aluminum and only the internationally standardized and laboratory tested materials are used to manufacture conductors. Selection of high quality conductor materials makes  Nextep Wires & Cables to save energy up to 18%. The gauge size and specifications of the conductor are as per standards.


 Use of high grade  insulation material produces flexible,  environmental resistant and durable Nextep Wires & Cables. Being resistant against severe weather conditions and temperatures, this insulator keeps you save from electric shock, short circuiting and electric noise. Substandard cabling puts your life on risk. So always trust the standard of Nextep Wires & Cables.

Quality Assurance 

  Assurance of quality is always at the forefront of  Zero One Engineering's objectives. Every step of manufacturing Nextep Wires & Cables is carefully monitored by expert engineers to meet the high standards. All cables are laboratory tested by quality control unit before sending to packaging unit. In order to maintain the quality standards Nextep Wires & Cables are examined by reputable standardization organizations and independent laboratories.


Zero One Engineering makes every possible check to assure that only tested and standardized cables and wires reach the market. If you still see any fault in Nextep Wires & Cables, you can instantly get a replacement from the concerned dealer on written description of the fault. Written description is asked for to investigate the reasons for the fault.

Customer Support

Zero One Engineering is always ready to provide all types of customer support with a team of highly qualified professionals. You are always welcome to contact us with your complaints, suggestions etc. It is now very easy to reach our customer support service, you can use our web page to send us your feed back, send us email, give your suggestions or complaints to our dealer/ marketing agency near you or call or representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




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