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Mission Statement


To be Asia’s premiere provider of quality electrical wires and cables.


 To provide high quality electrical wires and cables manufactured by latest technologies for residential and industrial use to provide the ultimate energy savings for the country. 
To grow the business profitably in existing and new markets and product lines while maintaining our reputation for outstanding technical quality and unmatched customer service.


History of Zero One Engineering

Zero One Engineering and Trading was founded in 1991 in the capital city, Islamabad of Pakistan, to become the premier supplier and service provider of high quality electrical wires and cables that reduce the use of energy and altimately reduced energy costs. Today the company is a market leader in the electrical wires and cables business. The company sells new and advanced technology electrical wires and cables, which offer superior effectiveness in reducing the wastage of energy concern.

There are hundreds of companies in Pakistan that sell electrical wires and cables, only few of those companies use pure and high quality copper for manufacturing wires and cables. The company's products are among those select few.

Our electrical wires and cables have been widely accepted and used throughout the Pakistan by: hospitals; major universities and schools; laboratories; restaurants; Pakistan army; foreign embassies; major airlines; and more importantly by major construction companies. Customer satisfaction and customers sharing how good they feel about the product with others has been the hallmark of our success.

The company specializes in the residential and commercial electrical wires and cables that reduce the use of energy substantially. Simply stated, the company is strongly committed to the electrical wires and cables market, and we welcome the opportunity to meet customer’s needs.

Zero One Engineering offers a complete satisfaction to its huge clientele for their needs related to electrical wires and cables. It also excels in pronouncing answers to all kind of cable selection problems with its gigantic team of engineers & experts. Thus with its expertise in ensuring safe energy transmission for its users in order to protect them from harms of electrical leakage and shocks etc..


Current Situation

Zero One Engineering is a dedicated group of individuals who are known to strive for excellence in their respective trades. These diehard professionals are clear in their vision, carry integrity, display workmanship and honor the commitments, at all times. This innovative and talented team has a images goal, which is to improve the quality of life and to ensure a healthy environment, for our children to breathe in. Unfortunately, a very large percentage of world population, including many living in cities, does not have access to the quality drinking water as recommended for human consumption by WHO and other reputable medical organizations. People have to be content with water which carries impurities of highest order, posing threat to human health. As spelled out by the medical institutions, 70% of the total diseases originate due to impure water, which flows through our taps on the way to our stomachs.

Zero One Engineering caters the entire water purification needs of your home and protect your family from diseases like Jaundice, Typhoid, Mental disorders, kidney failure besides the fatal Hepatitis. Zero One Engineering also provides a comprehensive after sales service and customer support programme. Established in 1993 with a sole endeavor to redress this curse of contaminated water, the company, over the years has been introducing a series of small and large size water treatment equipments to eliminate multiple contaminations present in water. It is Zero One Engineering’s creed that use of latest technology and top class raw material, be always a part of its curriculum. A long list of reputable clientele spread all over the Pakistan speaks volumes of Zero One Engineering's expertise in the filed of water filtration.

Zero One Engineering believes in constant adaptation of new emerging technology from the modern world. The Research and Development is a continuous process at Zero One Engineering.  Now we are in the planning phase to export our products to other countries of the Asia. In the beginning we will export our Nectar Flow water filters to Bangladesh.


 “Relationship with customer does not end with the sales, it rather starts from there”. We believe that our customers are always in focus of all our activities and we offer them quality products backed up by brisk after sales services.

“Improvement is a constant process”. In Zero One Engineering we strive for excellence in our acts and exhibit professionalism in our deeds. We are a group of talented individuals who excel in their respective trades.

“There can be no compromise on health". In Zero One Engineering we endeavor to be at par with international standards and update our product lines with the latest technologies emerging in the world. We access to the new innovations of the developed world and we take no time in transmitting these modern inventions into Zero One Engineering’s products. 

“Constant interaction paves way for best results”. In Zero One Engineering we feel that we are entrusted with a heavy responsibility as an environmental protection entity and hence have no room for complacency. Our community looks towards us to address the core subject of water contamination and we are in regular touch with them. 

Product Features And Benefits 

Water filters are manufactured and classed in a number of different ways. You will often hear terms such as Depth Filter, Membrane Filter, Absolute Rated or Nominally Rated Filters, Charge Modified, Solvent Cast, Track Etched, Melt Blown, Sintered or String Wound Filters, etc. However there is an easy way to categorize them all: A filter will be either absolute rated or it will be nominally rated.

The term "Nominally Rated Filters" refers to a filter which is not 100% efficient at its stated pore size. For example, a filter with a 10 micron pore size is rated as being 85% efficient. This means approximately 85% of all particles that are 10 microns or larger will be trapped by the filter. However, because of variances in the filter's pore sizes, there will be some pores in the structure that are larger than 10 microns. Although these pores only compose 15% of the filter's internal structure, they will allow larger size particles to slip through. There is a perception that filters, which have a retention efficiency of 99%, are considered absolute.

Nominally rated filters are characterized by pore sizes in the 1 to 50 micron ranges, less sophisticated means of manufacture and retention efficiency testing, and are less expensive than absolute rated filters. 

Nominal filters also have an absolute rating that is based on the filter's largest detectable pore size. For example, a nominally rated 1 micron filter with 85% efficiency may have an absolute rating of 10 microns. Every Nectar Flow filter sold by Zero One Engineering will have a lab tested absolute rating in addition to a nominal rating.


Market Overview

The Pakistani domestic water filter market can be divided into three major product segments: 1) filters for residential; 2) filters for commercial use; and 3) filtration plants for industries. 

Water filter purchasers can be divided into two separate categories. The 'first-time' filter purchaser is typically guided by the doctor, some health advisor, builder or water system designer, as they usually have minimal experience with water filters. The ‘replacement' filter or cartridge purchaser is more informed in their filter purchase decision, though typically requires updated information from filter service providers or retailers on technology and product developments.

Market Size

In 1993, 85% of the urban population and 47% of the rural population of Pakistan were having access to safe water according to World bank’s World Development Indicators, 2000. At that time mostly imported water filters were used in Pakistan. Local manufacturing of water filters was started in mid 90’s. Filter sales are seasonal with the majority of sales occurring between April and October. New filter and cartridge purchases are sensitive to macroeconomic cycles, but since these cycles are difficult to predict, we conservatively assume that new filter and cartridge purchase will increase at the trend growth rate of 5%. Replacement of existing filters or cartridges occurs on average every year for homes and every six months for organizations. 

Zero One Engineering is among those  few of companies which sell each of the three types of water filters.  Only 50% of filter products are manufactured in the Pakistan remaining 50% are imported from abroad.

Zero One Engineering’s market consists of drinking water services companies, commercial organizations,  plumbing companies, wholesalers, retail stores and the end consumer .

Water purification and price are the major criteria in the drinking water filter purchase decision. It is demonstrates the potential positioning of Nectar Flow in these two dimensions relative to the other filter types. Nectar Flow can be positioned above the existing value frontier which always wins customer decision as Nectar Flow has a substantial cost advantage and its quality advantage is already there. Other sustainable competitive advantages include Nectar Flow's saving of water, chemicals, maintenance time, electricity, installation cost and set up space.

Our marketing efforts have yet to uncover more viable markets for water purification filters. We know that in many parts of our country and the world, clean, drinkable water is an expensive thing. Currently, all water that is utilized in homes and institutions is not potable.  It is at this point that The Zero One Engineering comes in.




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