Which comic book character would you most like to be?

The internet has been ablaze with suggestions about who should be the next Batman.

Fans have been asking about which comic book superhero to make the next version of the iconic character.

Here are our picks for our favorite possible future Batman.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio 2.

Batman: The Killing Joke by Greg Capullo 3.

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season by Scott Snyder 4.

The Joker: The Animated Series by Matt Reeves 5.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron by Joe Johnston and Peter S. DeMenil 6.

Avengers: The Fall of Tony Stark by Stan Lee 7.

The Lego Batman Movie by Phil Lord and Chris Miller 8.

Batman Begins by Christopher Nolan and Joe Johnston 9.

The Dark Knight Rises by Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan 10.

Superman Returns by Zack Whedon and Chris McKay 11.

The Flash: Season 1 by Andrew Kreisberg 12.

Deadpool by Bryan Singer and Ryan Reynolds 13.

The Punisher: Season 2 by Frank Darabont and Joe Carnahan 14.

Aquaman by Frank Tieri and Bryan Fuller 15.

Avengers vs. X-Men: Season 3 by Geoff Johns and Steve McNiven 16.

X2: X-men United by Simon Kinberg 17.

The Amazing Spider-Man by Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb 18.

Justice League by Geoff Darrow 19.

Aquarius by Sean Murphy and Greg Pak 20.

Justice Leaguers: Final Mission by Alex Ross and Daniel Acuna 21.

Justice L.A.: The Movie by Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 22.

X Men: Apocalypse by Bryan Hitch 23.

The Mummy by Matt Fraction and Chris Roberson 24.

The New Guardians by Scott Allie and Scott Allman 25.

Superman Lives by Jason Aaron and Simon Kinig 26.

Wonder Woman by Guillermo del Toro and Bryan Hitch 27.

Justice: Gods and Monsters by Christopher Priest and Greg Weisman 28.

Batman Beyond by Joe Letteri and Chris Bachalo 29.

Justice Society of America: The Movie 1 by Peter Tomasi and Jason Aaron 2 by Chris Bachalli and Jason Priest 3 by Chris Perlmann and Tom Taylor 4 by Brian Bolland and Brian Azzarello 5 by David Michelinie and Greg Farshtey 6 by Tom Perrotta and Alex Garland 7 by Alan Burnett and Brian Bollander 8 by Alex Garland and Bryan Cogman 9 by Tom Hiddleston and Amanda Conner 10 by Alex Garver and Michael Cera 11 by Tom Hardy and Amanda Henchman 12 by Chris Rock and Bryan Singer 13 by Christopher Guest and Mark Hamill 14 by Ben Affleck and Diane Lane 15 by Ben Kingsley and Emily Blunt 16 by Chris Terrell and David Slade 17 by James Vanderbilt and Stephen Moyer 18 by Christopher Plummer and Tom Wilkinson 19 by Ben McKenzie and J.K. Simmons 20 by Ben Foster and Jason Sudeikis 21 by James McAvoy and David Shore 22 by Jon Favreau and Mark Wahlberg 23 by Bryan Cranston and Robert Redford 24 by Mark Waid and Jason Blum 25 by Ben Mendelsohn and Michelle Williams 26 by Bryan C. McCarthy and Chris Weitz and Tom Arnold 27 by Ben Haggerty and Tom Hardy 28 by Bryan Lee O’Malley and Ben Feldman 29 by Ben Savage and Peter Sciretta 30 by Ben Sherman and Michael McKean 31 by Ben Stiller and Michael Keaton 32 by Chris Pine and Michael B. Jordan 33 by Daniel Kaluuya and James Franco 34 by Joss Whedon and David Goyer 35 by Adam Baldwin and Alan Tudyk 36 by Ben Cuff and Jason Bateman 37 by Dan Aykroyd and Peter Berg 38 by Daniel Day-Lewis and Olivia Munn 39 by Ben Feldman and Jodie Foster 40 by Jason Momoa and Dwayne Johnson 41 by Mark Strong and Robert Pattinson 42 by Daniel Radcliffe and Daniel Craig 43 by Chris Hemsworth and Idris Elba 44 by Jason Sussman and Jada Pinkett Smith 45 by Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana 46 by Robert Pattison and Jamie Foxx 47 by David Oyelowo and Ben Afferroe 48 by Adam Driver and Mark Strong 49 by Michael Shannon and Meryl Streep 50 by Bryan Colter and James McTeigue 51 by Jason Statham and James Marsden 52 by Benicio Del Toro and Benicio del Toro 53 by David Harewood and John Rhys-Davies 54 by J.J. Abrams and Joss Warner 55 by Aaron McGruder and Bryan Cransten 56 by Alex Ovechkin and Michael Biehn 57 by Jon Spaihts and David Boreanaz 58 by James Spader and Peter Dinklage 59 by Jason Isaacs and Stephen Tobolowsky 60 by Bryan Mills and Robert Downey Jr. 61 by Bryan Jones and Bradley Cooper 62 by James Franco and Robert De