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Electrician salaries vary widely across states, with a median salary of $96,000 for those in the Northeast and $112,000 in the South.

However, the national average is $104,000.

In the Midwest, the median salary is $84,000, while in the West the average is only $70,000 per year.

In the Midwest and Northeast, salaries vary by state.

In New York, for example, the average salary is nearly $95,000 with the highest paying state, New York City, at $120,000 and the lowest, West Virginia, at only $54,000 a year.

However in the rest of the country, salaries are generally lower, ranging from $82,000 to $107,000 depending on the type of occupation.

There are many jobs available in the field, from electricians to home repairs.

For example, in the New York metropolitan area, electricians make a median of $98,000 annually, according to salary data from Equifax.

In California, they make an average of $87,000 as well, according the same data.

There are also other types of jobs, like plumbers, plumbers and other trades, and many jobs require a college degree.

Salary data for each state and the country as a whole is available at

The National Association of Home Builders estimates that more than 6.3 million Americans work in the home improvement industry.

These include both home improvement professionals and home improvement tradespeople, including electricians, home improvement electricians and home inspectors.

The average annual salary for a home improvement professional is $92,000 while the average annual pay for an electrician is $88,000 according to Salary.

There is no exact national salary for electricians or electricians tradespeople.

The average salary for plumbers is $90,000 although the average in New York is $91,000 or $101,000 nationwide according to the data.

However for the tradespeople category, there is a large gap between the salaries in the United States as a national average and those in other countries.

The U.S. average salary in Canada is $85,000 which is roughly $15,000 less than in the U.K., Ireland, Denmark and Germany.

In Europe, salaries for electrician and plumber professionals are roughly the same as in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Salary data for the United Kingdom is available from the Office for National Statistics.

In France, the salaries for plumber and electrician professionals are about $90 an hour.