How to buy a car and drive it again

The story of how a young electrician returned home after a 12-year journey to the United States and then returned home to the country he loved was shared on a television news program last week.

Roneo is one of those lucky ones.

He was born in India and grew up in New Delhi, where he learned to drive a car.

But he didn’t always have it easy.

The 20-year-old, who lives in a small village in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh, said he was left without a job, unable to afford petrol or even a ticket to the airport.

I was so depressed.

I couldn’t even look at the clock, he said.

My parents were so poor that I had to work from home, he told the channel.

After getting out of school, he found work as an electrician in a factory in New Jersey.

At one point, he was so hungry that he had to eat an entire cow and a sheep for lunch.

It’s so hard.

“My life was very rough,” he told a reporter on the program.

“My parents had no money.

They couldn’t provide for me.

This was my only opportunity to get a job.

It was the only way for me to get money.”

Roneos story is not new.

In February, an Indian man, Abhijit Sharma, was released from prison after a year in a US jail after he returned to India and started a career as an electrical engineer.

And a year earlier, a young Indian woman, Anushka Sharma, who was working as an Uber driver in the US, also returned home.

Both women have since left the country.

The return of young Indian men to the homeland is a sign of growing economic equality in the country, as India has one of the highest levels of literacy among nations.

Many people have returned to their families because of economic pressures, especially as wages are falling in India.

More than half of India’s 1.2 billion people live in rural areas.

When Roneos returned to the US last year, he had a plan to go to college.

We are the first generation to go back and I want to learn something about the country,” he said, adding that he hoped to become an engineer.