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Electricians are among the most-skilled and best paid workers in the U.S. and Canada, according to a new report from consulting firm Deloitte.

The report found that electricians in the United States and Canada earned $53,000 and $61,000 annually, respectively, compared to the average of $32,600 for a computer or scientific engineer.

That’s on par with the average annual salary of $50,000 for computer and scientific engineers in the country.

Electricians also make up a larger share of the workforce in Canada than they do in the states, with just 7% of workers in Canada earning a salary of at least $100,000, according the Deloittes report.

But it’s the electrician starting salaries that make the biggest difference in the nation’s labor market, with the median starting salary in the three states (Montana, Alaska and Washington) coming in at $59,500.

That same state average of about $32.6 million makes the top 10 lowest-paying states in the entire country, according a new study by Deloiti, a market research firm.

For more on electricians, watch Fortune’s video: “It’s important to understand the incentives that electrician start salaries offer.

There are a number of incentives that exist in the electrical industry, which is the highest in terms of the wages, benefits, and other benefits,” said Patrick Byrne, CEO of Deloitzes Electricians, in an interview with Fortune.

“The incentive that has the most to do with salaries is that they’re a lot more competitive than other occupations, so they get the most benefits.

The average salary in a year in the US is $52,500, but for an electrician it’s about $80,000.

And then you have the fact that it’s an occupation that has a lot of skilled people that can go into it, and those workers can bring in that additional income.

So that’s the incentives.”

The report also found that most of the jobs in the industry are in highly competitive industries, like mining, manufacturing, and construction, with many of the top-paying jobs in each of those industries in the high-paying fields like electricians.

It’s no wonder that the industry has grown rapidly over the past decade and a half.

As of the end of 2017, the number of electrician positions in the world was roughly 8,600, according, according research firm Zillow.

Deloistes findings also show that the average salary of an electricians first year in a job in the state of Alaska is more than twice the average pay of a first year engineer, according Deloettes report, which also shows that there are plenty of openings for the jobs.

In order to get into the electricians top job, one must be certified in electrical engineering or be a certified electrical engineer.

There is a process to get certified and then be able to work in the field of electrical engineering, but the process is not very straightforward, Byrne said.

“So, for us, the best advice we can give to people, and we don’t do that very often, is to take a job that’s in a highly competitive industry, and then do a three-year apprenticeship in the area,” he said.

In addition to the higher pay, electricians also have the option of working as independent contractors and can also take on other projects, such as consulting.

“A lot of times, a lot less people have that opportunity.

The most important thing is that the employer understands that electric workers are professionals, and if they see that and they’re looking for people to come in and contribute to their business, they’re going to be happy with that,” Byrne said, noting that companies have to have an understanding of electricians as an asset to be counted on.

Delooitte’s report found, however, that most electricians are likely to work full-time and will likely work more than 20 hours a week, and the average hourly pay for an electrical engineer is $31.50.

“This is a relatively high pay for electricians,” Byrne added.

“If you compare the average income of an electrical engineering professional to that of a software engineer, the average wage of a professional electrical engineer in the same job would be $45,000 a year, which in the last year is not a lot.”

That makes electricians the most expensive occupation in the economy, according of the report, as they are among those in the lowest paying fields.

In fact, electrician salaries were even higher than computer and electrical engineers, with salaries of $51,800, $62,100, and $64,300, respectively.

The lowest-paid jobs in America According to the report of the National Association of Home Builders, electric workers make up about 5% of the overall U.M. population, with