You can get your first job at a new, $60,000-a-year Boulder office building

The Boulder office of a local real estate developer wants to make sure that’s the case.

The developer has set a goal for its Boulder headquarters, which will be up and running by July 1, 2019.

The building is located at the intersection of Boulder Boulevard and State Street in the West Valley.

The building will be the largest building in Boulder, said Mike Oster, the project’s president and chief operating officer.

The company says the project will be able to employ more than 20,000 people.

A spokesperson for the Boulder Office of Housing said the project has received a $60 million federal loan guarantee, as well as $10 million from the state and $10.5 million from local government.

Oster said that number is based on the size of the project, not the amount of the loan guarantee.

The federal loan guarantees are part of the $3 billion in federal investment the state received in the 2016 budget.

The $3.1 billion will help pay for the construction of the Boulder headquarters and the $1.8 billion in capital projects that will be funded by the state.

The project will include new office space, new retail and residential spaces and a new library.

Ozer said the Boulder office will have a total floor area of 5,200 square feet.

Oster said the company hopes to employ at least 10 people, with full-time and part-time positions.

Boulder Mayor Mike Coffman has not said when the building will open.

He said that he has confidence that the project can be completed in time.

The city recently received a grant of $3 million to help with the project.