Which Tesla Model S is best to buy?

It was the kind of question you might ask a friend of a friend or an Uber driver, but a Tesla spokesperson has revealed the answers to in a recent Q&A with a local electrician.

The question asked by one Tesla owner was whether to buy a Tesla Model 3 or a Tesla Roadster.

The answer to that question came down to a yes.

According to the Tesla spokesperson, the Roadster was the best option for its price and features.

“There are other cars available for the same price, but the Roadsters offer more features,” the spokesperson wrote.

“They’re also more fuel efficient and offer longer range.

The Roadsters are also cheaper and less fuel efficient than a Tesla, so you can see why we recommend them.”

For the Model S, the spokesperson explained that the Roadbuster was the better option.

“The Model S and Roadster are the best vehicles in our lineup.

The Model S has better features and more performance, while the Roadboasters are less expensive and have better safety features,” they wrote.

The spokesperson also said that Tesla Motors’ battery pack offers the same range as the Model 3.

“With the battery pack, the Model X can reach up to 320 miles on a single charge,” they added.

Tesla Motors has announced a $1,000 incentive to help customers save for their new car, and now the company has expanded to ask the question on its website.

“Ask your electrician what is the best electric car to buy,” it reads.

“We want you to get the answer before you make a decision.

We’re sorry to say we can’t give you the answer.”

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