Which Michigan electrician apprentice is best suited for the job?

Michigan is still struggling to find an electrician’s apprentice with the highest skill level.

The state’s electricians union, Local 1213, says it’s time for an overhaul to make it easier for people to find the right candidates for a new job.

It wants to put a hiring freeze in place until 2021, and it wants to have a “mandatory” apprenticeship program that can be used to hire an electricians apprentice as soon as they’re hired.

It says that’s already happening at some locations, like the Michigan Department of Transportation.

The union says that could be good news for some electricians.

The current apprenticeship process is not the most transparent or efficient, said Michael Stanglin, president of the Michigan Electrician’s Association.

The system requires applicants to complete an extensive training course before they’re accepted, and many people struggle to get their degree.

Stanglins group has been pushing for better access to apprenticeships for years, and has worked with the state to create an apprenticeship plan that would allow people to apply for apprenticeships right away and have them accepted within two weeks.

“We’re looking at creating a mandatory apprenticeship, and we’re also looking at mandating that at the Michigan DOT, and that’s going to be done within the next couple of months,” Stanglins said.

The union is also pushing for more state aid to help it recruit new apprentices. “

We’re really not looking at the process at the current time, but we have a process that we’re trying to improve.”

The union is also pushing for more state aid to help it recruit new apprentices.

Lassmans group has lobbied for grants for electricians, but it’s not clear how much of that money would go toward apprenticeships.

It’s also seeking more funding for the state’s Electric Vehicle Loan Program, which was created to help young electricians get their skills up to speed and get them into the workforce.

That program has not been used since 2015.

The group says the federal government needs to step in.

Federal stimulus money is already rolling out for electric companies, including some in Michigan.

The State Department of Economic Development has already said it’s willing to provide $4.2 million in federal stimulus funds for electrician training.

It would also be able to use the money to help train electricians in other states, but the State Department hasn’t said if it would take advantage of the money.

Electrician apprentices are also the most important jobs for the electric grid.

The electric grid supports about 60 percent of the nation’s power generation, and the union says apprentices should be given the same job.

In the meantime, the Michigan DTEF has already started hiring electricians for jobs that require a bachelor’s degree.

State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection spokeswoman Heather Pape said in a statement that the department will be making the hiring freeze a permanent one by 2021.

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