Which are the top 5 best-selling electricians business cards?

On a typical Friday, the average customer spends $2,000 on electricians’ business cards and more than 1,100 hours per year, according to the American Association of Electricians.

They also earn a salary of $21.50 per hour.

In contrast, the typical consumer spends about $500 on electrician cards and just $2.00 per hour, according the Association of State Electric Trades.

That’s because many electricians spend their days in the field, and many of their hours in the office.

The average electrician earns $27,000 a year, while a manager of an average electric utility makes about $45,000, according a recent report by the National Association of Home Builders.

While electricians have earned a reputation for getting things done, they also earn the most in-home work of any of the other professions, the association said.

For example, according