When Oregon’s electricians get paid

The Oregonian/OregonLive (AP) The Oregon state legislature approved $5 million in tax incentives Wednesday for electricians to help pay for overtime, which would be an increase from the state’s current $2,000 per year.

House Bill 636, introduced by Democratic Rep. Greg Anderson, would increase the incentive for electrician and electrician assistants to $5,000 a year starting in 2019.

The increase would apply to those who are certified by the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon State Board of Electrician and Metal Workers to perform a minimum of 15 hours of work per week.

The tax credit would apply regardless of whether an electrician is working more than 15 hours per week, said state Rep. Bill Wootten, D-Portland.

The Legislature also agreed to a bill from Senate President Peter Courtney that would extend a state tax credit for electric employees who work more than two weeks per week until 2022.

The Senate also agreed on a bill that would increase incentives for electric service providers and installers to pay their electricians $15,000 annually.

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