‘I can’t do this’: Electrician medley on death of husband

Electrician-singer Medford, California, resident James “Buddy” Bunn, 71, has died after a battle with a rare form of cancer.

Bunn had been battling for months with the disease.

His family released a statement on Sunday saying he died from “intolerable pain.”

The statement said the family was “shocked and devastated” by his passing.

“James was a loving husband, father, son, grandfather and friend.

He loved his country, his city and the people he loved,” the statement said.

“His passing has touched us all.

Our hearts are broken.”

Bunn has been married to his wife of 36 years, Betty, since 1979.

They have four children and six grandchildren.

“It is our deepest sorrow to report the passing of our dear husband, James Bunn,” the Bunn family said in a statement.

“He was a caring and caring husband, friend and brother.

We will forever cherish the memory of his wonderful wife and son.

We ask for privacy during this difficult time.”

BUNN ON ‘SHOCKED AND STUNNING’ After his diagnosis, Bunn spent the past few years undergoing chemo treatments.

He was on medication for several years before he decided to make a break for it.

He had been on the medication for about a month before his diagnosis.

BUNNS FAMILY ‘SHELTINED’ The family of Buddy Bunn released a short statement Sunday expressing their sorrow for his passing and asking for privacy.

“Bunny had the heart of a champion and was one of the most talented and loyal musicians and songwriters we had,” the family said.

BILL BUNNTON, the band’s guitarist, described Bunn as a true pioneer.

“We all miss him terribly.

He never left us and was always there for us,” he said.

The Bunns had a close relationship with one another.

Bunny sang with the band and performed in it as a guest guitarist.

He also worked as an electrician and electrician’s helper.

The family was devastated to hear about his passing, Bunkons brother Michael Bunkon said.

He said Bunn was a devoted father and husband.

“A big part of the music we did was Buddy Bunchons,” Bunkson said.

I will miss him deeply, Bunchon said, adding that he would miss his brother.

Bunkts brother said Bunkton was an active member of the community, which is what attracted the band to him.

“You can’t put a price on that, Buddy.

Buddy was just one of us,” Michael Bunkson said of Bunn.

“Everyone that was with us knew he was there for them.”

The Bunktons’ statement said Bunchson was a “very hardworking, honest, kind and caring person.”

Bunks brother said the band would keep Bunn’s memory alive by doing all they can to help those who were affected by his disease.

The band released a new song in honor of Bunk, titled “You Have to Love Me.”