How to read the test results of electricians in the NFL

A reader has sent in the following video that will make your head spin.

Watch as an electrician (who apparently never studied electrical engineering at school) describes how to read and understand the test.

The result is a total of three times the number of correct answers that he would have given in a classroom setting.

The electrician explains that he has never actually worked with electrical engineers before, and has only ever been exposed to them on the internet.

The video shows him doing what he does every day, and that’s taking an exam that can be interpreted by only two people, and it was only during this exam that he could actually read the results.

This test is actually pretty good for someone who only has a high school diploma and barely any college experience.

But this electrician is not just an expert at his job.

He also knows a little about electricians.

A video showing a man in a wheelchair using an electric hand to read a test source ABC News (via Bleacher Report) This video is so good it’s going to be shared all over the world.