Five things to know about the new electrician tool – Football Italian title Five key points on the new tool

It is expected that the new tools will be used more frequently in the professional ranks.

The first use is likely to be for electricians in the football clubs.

“The new electricians tool is a product of a technical breakthrough, which will make it a part of the professional football team,” said the president of the Italian Association of Electricians.

“We will see the first use of it in the 2018/19 season.

It is an innovation of a new generation, and I expect that it will help to save us many thousands of lives.”

The tool is designed to replace a traditional electrician’s tool and is capable of cutting through any metal with ease.

The new electric is expected to be available in the summer of 2019.

The European football league, the EFL, said in a statement that it is “deeply committed to the use of electricians tools and is committed to making electricians a part and driving them to be the main tool in football’s football training”.