Electrician des Moines,Electrician Bls,Electricians Tyler tx to resign from the French presidency

Electrician Les Bleus have decided to resign as president of France’s third-largest economy, after their election victory was annulled.

The group will now work on the rebuilding of their former state, in the south of France, where their father had been mayor.

Their leader, Le Bleus, is now set to be appointed the president of the region, which will be part of the country’s new French-administered southern region.

The move comes after the resignation of the president, Emmanuel Macron, who was forced to step down after his election victory.

Mr Macron is a member of the Socialist party, and Mr Bleus has been critical of the centrist candidate, former president Francois Hollande, who lost the first round to his rival Marine Le Pen.

Mr Bleus said he was surprised by the decision.

“This decision was taken at the very end of the election campaign, and we were not expecting it,” he told RTE television.

“We were expecting a result that was much closer than the one we got.”

The group, whose first election was in 2002, was set up as an independent political party to represent French workers, but their campaign has drawn the attention of some of France´s most powerful political families, who have urged them to take a step back.

Mr Hollande, for example, has appointed his chief of staff to lead the group, and French businessmen and investors have donated to the organisation.

The Le Bleuses are also members of the Communist Party, whose candidate for president, Benoit Hamon, lost the election to Mr Macron.

Mr Hamon has denied accusations that he was part of a secret plot to defeat Mr Macron, and the group has criticised him for his support for Mr Macron´s Socialist party.

French President Emmanuel Macron (R) listens as French President Francois Hollande (L) speaks at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, March 24, 2021.Reuters