Asheville Electrician resumes as he leaves office

Asheville, NC – The Asheville Electricians Union (AEU) announced that an electrician for the city of Asheville, North Carolina, has been reinstated after more than three years off the job after serving the city as a certified electrician.

According to the Union, John “Jack” Smith resigned from his position as a Certified Electrician in August 2018 after two years off-duty as an apprentice electrician and a certified electrical engineer.

The union said Smith, a native of Chicago, served as the union’s electrician/certified electrician, and as a supervisor, for the electric utility company Asheville Energy.

Smith was hired in March of 2020.

The union said he started as a “supervisory electrician” and was promoted to a certified engineer in March 2020, when he started working for Asheville Energy as a full-time employee.

In August 2018, Smith was promoted from a certified technician to a Certified Engineer for Asheville.

He was then promoted to certified electricians in November of that year.

The city of North Carolina has been plagued by power outages and outages affecting thousands of customers in recent weeks.

A report released last week showed that power was out across the entire state and that power outage alerts are being issued in at least five North Carolina counties.

The power outfalls were caused by a number of factors including a malfunctioning generator, a leaky transmission line and a malfunction in the power system.