Why are Australian trainees so hot?

Posted November 08, 2018 04:31:49 A new report shows Australian trainee apprentices are more expensive than those with higher qualifications.

Key points: More than half of Australian train apprentices are still unemployed, compared with just under a third of people with higher levels of qualifications.

Australian trainees are paid far less than people with more prestigious qualifications, according to a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies.

The report, titled Trainee Electricians Are Much Less Expensive Than Those With Higher Qualifications, found apprenticeship levels were far higher in the former, and trainees with a lower qualification earned more.

A third of apprenticeship trainees had a Bachelor of Science or higher qualification, compared to a quarter of those with a higher qualification.

But trainees earning between $22,000 and $38,000 a year were paid more than those earning between the same levels of training, the report found.

“This is an indicator of how much more expensive a trainee training is,” the report’s author, Professor Tim Wilson, said.

Prof Wilson’s research found the costs of apprenticeships were significantly higher than for those with Bachelor of Arts or a higher degree.

For example, an Australian traineer earning $22.50 an hour in 2018 was paying almost $5,000 more in tax than a similar trainee earning $32,000.

However, those earning a Bachelor in the same level earned $25,000 less in salary than those who did not have a Bachelor.

In the same study, the Australian Bureau of Statistics also showed the median pay for Australian traineers with a Bachelor degree was $46,000, while those with an Associate degree was just over $33,000 compared to $45,000 for those without a Bachelor, and $52,000 in wages.