Phoenix electricians who were evacuated by Irma are getting their cars back

The electricians working on the island evacuated in Irma’s aftermath were returning home, but the vehicles had not been restored to working condition.

The electrician from Hawaii, Phoebe Cusack, said the cars had never been cleaned, and her company had not returned the vehicles to the garage.

But she said she had been told by an electrician in Florida who had been working on a replacement, a Ford F150 pickup, that it was back to working order.

Phoeb, who was at home in her home in Las Vegas when the evacuation order came down, was able to get her Ford pickup to work again after her car was towed.

But the truck was not running.

Cusak said her company, E-Tech Electric, was still getting to know the electricians in the region.

They were having trouble finding a company that would restore the cars.

She said the company would have to start a new rescue program for the islanders.

“They’re going to need help,” she said.

“It’s a massive undertaking to get those vehicles back.”

Electricians, meanwhile, are now looking for another company to work with.

The company, Kinesis, is offering to restore all electric vehicles that it owns in the affected areas, including those of the electrician and the electric truck driver, according to a release from the company.

Crescenera Electric, a company based in Las Angeles, said it would restore vehicles to working status and bring them to the island.

But in the meantime, electricians from around the region are working with other companies to bring the cars back to normal.

“We’re still trying to figure out how to get back to the normal operation of the vehicles,” said one electrician working in the area.

Cesar Rodriguez said he had been on vacation in Florida for a few days and was able, for the time being, to return to his home in Puerto Rico, where he was working.

He said the electric trucks were not working, and the truck driver had not even been charged yet.

The truck driver has been working for Kinesas for more than two months and was supposed to return Monday, but his employer said he would need to return Friday.

Rodriquez said he was unsure how long he could work at Kineses without returning the vehicles.

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, which is trying to restore power to all of the island’s electrical systems, has said it will be a while before the power comes back.

Puerto Rico Gov.

Ricardo Rosselló has said he wants the power restored as soon as possible.