Florida State University’s emergency electrician career career has officially reached a new milestone: The school has announced that its first female emergency electricians have been hired.

As reported by the Miami Herald, the school announced on Wednesday that the team is hiring for an emergency electric engineer position that will require two years of specialized training.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to learn from the world’s best emergency electricists in our engineering program,” said FLSU Electrical Engineering Associate Professor David Furlong, who will lead the new team.

“It will be an exciting time for students and their families to work together.”

The school will pay up to $30,000 per year and the new positions will begin at the end of the fall semester.

The position, which will require specialized training, is one of just a handful of emergency electric workers available to students across the nation.

The school announced last month that it was hiring for a second full-time position to oversee the emergency electrical training of student engineers.

Furlong said the emergency electric job offer is significant for the students and faculty members in his program.

“The addition of two female engineers is an important milestone in this program,” he said.

“This position will provide an exciting opportunity for our students to gain hands-on training with the best of the world.”