Electrician who used to work for LA city electric company dies in car crash

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel “Daniel” Garcia died Wednesday, his department said.

He was 33.

Garcia was a 20-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department.

He previously served in the San Bernardino County Sheriff�s Department, according to the sheriff�s department.

The Sheriff�ll Department said Garcia was a member of its electrical, emergency and patrol teams.GARCIA, who was known as “the man who saved lives,” was shot and killed in his patrol car by a man who later called 911, deputies said.

His car, which was parked outside his home in Long Beach, was engulfed in flames when deputies arrived, the department said in a news release.

The victim, a 20 year veteran of Los Angeles�s Electric and Emergency Services Department, was taken to a hospital where he later died, the release said.

The sheriff�ll department said Garcia worked for the electric company where he was a supervisor.

It said he was married with two children.

Garcia worked at the company for two years, the news release said, but was fired last summer.