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Milwaukee, Wisconsin (CNN) A Wisconsin electrician is getting some serious training after a series of attacks and robberies in which he was repeatedly stabbed in the face and throat.

“We are lucky that he survived,” said Mike W. Johnson, the president of the Milwaukee Electricians Association.

The group organized the training on Thursday and held a rally Friday.

It’s a one-day course in which the electrician trains himself to become a proficient electrician and to have a safe job in the electric grid, said Johnson.

The electrician will learn the basics of working at the electric utility, and then go through a number of safety classes and training.

“This is a program that has been developed in response to a number to our members and others, and this is the way we are going to help these people get back on their feet,” Johnson said.

The Milwaukee Electric Workers Union (MEWU) says about a dozen people have attended the training, which has been held at the Milwaukee County Public Library since early March.

Johnson said the training is meant to teach safety.

“The electrician who was involved in that incident and the person who was stabbed in that attack were trained and certified electricians,” he said.MEWA President Jim Johnson says the training for electricians has been made possible by a $25,000 grant from the National Association of Home Inspectors.

The training is a part of a larger national training effort for electric workers, which was launched last year and is now being expanded.

It includes an in-person training, a group of electricians and an online training.

MewA’s training director is Jim Kowalczyk.

He said the goal is to make sure that electricians have the skills to safely work in the field and that they are well-prepared to handle a crisis.

“I think the training has to be designed to make people safer, to make them more resilient, to teach them about safety and to give them the knowledge they need to survive a disaster,” he added.