Electrician school costs $16,000 in Orlando

Florida electricians could save up to $16.5,000 on their electric bills with the help of the Orlando Sentinel’s latest college education rankings.

The paper’s College Cost Index showed that for a college degree in Florida, electricians earn an average of $46,800, or $24,000 less than a bachelor’s degree, the highest average salary in the state.

The Orlando Sentinel ranked colleges in Florida for their average cost of attendance.

The state’s universities rank fifth.

The average tuition for Florida students in the 2015-2016 school year was $39,600, or almost $12,000 more than the national average.

The average cost for students in a four-year college program was $59,700, or roughly $17,000 above the national figure.

The top-ranked school, the University of Florida, was ranked fourth in the nation with a total of $68,200.

That’s almost $16 per hour more than for the fourth-place institution, the Florida Institute of Technology, according to the Sentinel.

The Sentinel ranked the four- and five-year colleges by cost of living.

The cost of attending Florida’s four- or five-level colleges is about $51,000 for a four year program and about $19,000 at the fifth-level.

Florida’s four levels are: a four, a three, a two and a one.

Florida is one of 10 states that require students to take two years of college courses in order to graduate.

Students are also required to take courses at Florida institutions.

Florida has a tuition tax of 4.3 percent, which applies to the cost of tuition and fees at private colleges and universities.

That amount is due on July 1.

The report also said the cost per credit hour is more than $7,000.

The Cost of Attendance report, published this week, is based on data from the American Council on Education and a survey of over 1,000 college graduates.

It was produced by a joint effort by the National Association of College and University Business Officers, the College Board and the American Association of University Professors.