Electrician and lawyer who was arrested for shoplifting says he’s “totally fine”

Fayetteville, North Carolina (Engadget) — An electrician who says he was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of shoplifting and charged with stealing a laptop says he plans to file a lawsuit.

David DeAngelo, 53, of Raleigh, North Dakota, said he was at a local store in downtown Fayettefield on Friday afternoon when he realized that he had been shopping for a laptop for the past two weeks.

When he noticed that there were no items in the store, he asked if he could pick one up.

DeAngelo said the clerk looked at him, asked him to identify himself, and then handed him the laptop.

DeAngelo says that after he picked it up, the clerk asked him if he needed anything else.

Deangelo said he said “no” and left.

He says he never saw the laptop again.

Deangelo’s lawyer, Scott Wilson, told Engadge that he has no doubt DeAngelo’s claim of shoplifted goods is true.

DeMarco says he bought the laptop for $300, and he says he then went back to the store and asked the clerk to get the laptop back for him.

DeMarco’s attorney, Scott Walker, told the website that he would be filing the lawsuit this week.