Tennessee electrician sentenced to 2 years in prison for trying to kill his boss

Chattanooga, Tennessee – A Tennessee electricians union official who was convicted of trying to assassinate his boss has been sentenced to two years in jail.

The Tennessean reported Wednesday that 51-year-old Richard Gentry was sentenced to 30 years in state prison for one count of attempted murder and three counts of aggravated assault.

Prosecutors said Gentry shot and killed his boss, Mike Dornberger, and injured another worker.

Gentry also faces an additional count of aggravated stalking.

Prosecutors say Gentry told Dornberg in a July 2014 voicemail that he had killed his supervisor and that he was in a fit of rage.

The call ended with Dornberger telling Gentry, “You have a choice, you can call the cops on me or you can kill me.”

Prosecutors said Dornbier had a history of depression and had a mental health issue that prompted him to leave his job at the Chattanooga Electrician Union.