How to apply for a master electricians license

New Zealand is looking to become the first country in the world to require a master electricalian license, after a pilot scheme was launched earlier this month.

Master electricalians can work for businesses, governments, public bodies and organisations.

The pilot scheme, which was initially aimed at local councils, is set to run for three years and covers areas in the South Island, West Coast and Otago regions.

It aims to establish the minimum skills required to pass the exam, which covers electrical, plumbing, welding, plumbers and air and sewer work.

In a statement, the Department of Trade and Industry said it was “committed to providing a comprehensive and high-quality training pathway for the New Zealand electrician”.

It said the scheme was “designed to ensure that the apprenticeship experience for electricians across the country is as good as it can be”.

The apprenticeship will include “professional development in electrical engineering and construction”, a professional licensing exam, and a one-year apprenticeship, the department said.

The plan was launched in September following a nationwide consultation.

The New Zealand Electrical Trades Union said the apprenticeships would give apprentices the “same opportunities as their full-time counterparts”.

“The New Zealander has a right to access the same skills and skills training as the full-timers, and we hope this apprenticeship can be an example for other countries,” it said.