Electrician slams NRA in speech to pro-gun group

A former electrician who has defended the National Rifle Association told The American Conservatives that “it was like being in the ’90s.”

The electrician, who is an NRA board member, said in an interview on Monday that the organization’s leaders are trying to use “bigotry” against Americans by pushing for more gun control.

“I just think it’s crazy,” said the former electricians, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the private life of an electrician.

“They’re just so afraid that you’re going to say anything that you think is going to help them.

That’s just like the NRA.”

The NRA has taken the position that gun rights are not a threat, but they have also made an effort to promote gun control laws across the country, including by encouraging the passage of more restrictive legislation, including background checks for gun purchases.

The electricians’ remarks were released on the same day that a gun control advocacy group was awarded a $10 million grant by the National Shooting Sports Foundation to help it continue to work toward gun control efforts nationwide.

The grant is one of a dozen awarded annually to gun control groups.

The former electriciensaid in the interview that he supports the NRA, but he said that his views about gun rights have evolved.

“It is a group that I’ve supported for many years.

I support the Second Amendment,” he said.

“I’m very happy about that, but it’s the way it’s going.

I’m not going out there and saying I’m going to vote for them. “

But I also have a personal perspective.

I’m not going out there and saying I’m going to vote for them.

I have a very strong opinion about gun control, but I have to think through it, I have my own perspective.”

The former electricalian said he is proud of his work as an electricians union member and he is concerned that the NRA will try to use the NRA’s financial support to pressure legislators to support gun control measures.

“They don’t want to get involved in politics.

They’re not into politics,” he told The Conservative.

“You know what they do?

They put out the money to try to influence the outcome of elections.

They’ll spend millions of dollars and try to make their case, and it’s not working.”

But I think if you’re a union member, it’s a good thing to do.

It means you’re doing your job.

“The retired electrician also said that he is in favor of gun control legislation and is willing to take on the NRA in a “fair” way.”

We’ve got to keep up our fight.

You’re not going make us change our way of thinking, but we’re going change our own,” he added.”

If you’re really going to make change, if you want to keep your gun rights, then you have to fight the NRA.

That is a fight that we can win, and that is what we need to do.

“A spokesman for the NRA did not respond to a request for comment.