Electrician dies after falling off a balcony in Florida

A Florida man who died after falling from the roof of a hotel in Florida was an electrician with a specialty in electrical work, authorities said.

Amber DeMello, 33, of Sarasota, Florida, died Sunday morning, according to an Associated Press news release.

She was the fourth Florida resident to die from the coronavirus.

The Florida Department of Health said DeMell worked at a luxury hotel in Sarasota where she specialized in electrical safety.

She also worked as a certified lifeguard, the department said.

She worked in Orlando, where she had also worked before, the release said.

DeMello’s family did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment Monday.

Florida Gov.

Rick Scott has ordered an investigation into DeMella’s death.

He ordered the Florida Department to conduct an investigation and to issue a death certificate, the AP reported.