Zero One Engineering, Islamabad, truly started from the bottom up. From a humble beginning in 1991 marketing residential wiring cables, Zero One Engineering has grown in size, status and sophistication within the electrification solution companies.

Now in its 17th year, Zero One Engineering is known nation wide for its innovation and rigorous quality and after sales service. Proof is in the high volume of business the company receives.

Zero One Engineering's CEO believes the company's success is due to a distinct "can-do" attitude among the team of Zero One Engineering. "There's an attitude that says: ' Our only reward is customer satisfaction'," He says. "And there's a belief that we can creatively and practically achieve nearly anything to meet our client's needs, Inshallah."

Customer satisfaction has been a Zero One Engineering hallmark for seventeen years. Following its residential wiring systems success, Zero One Engineering started marketing industrial cables and wires in 1995. 

"Our commitment to build quality and safety into our products ensures superior levels of performance and reliability," says Engr. Abdur Rahman, Manager Technical. "We apply the same close tolerance, thinking and planning into our manufacturing processes as we do the products themselves." Engr. Abdur Rahman has a vast experience  with reputable multinational companies in engineering and design sector.


Zero One Engineering today provides electical wires and cable for all residential, commercial and industrial needs. Zero One Engineering's multicade evolution into industrial cables and wires business is primarily due to the company's growing business. While Zero One Engineering markets a range of standard electrical cables and wires, it's also providing cables and wires as per customers requirements and specifications.

"We help people to live a safe and comfortable life", Irfan A. Khan,  Manager Marketing, explains. "You will see the results of our work today in the progress of our nation of tomorrow." 

Zero One Engineering deals in Electrification Solutions for residential as well as industrial systems, PVC Electrical Cables and Wires. We have the sole distribution and marketing rights of international brand "Nextep" wires and cables. We are selling "Nextep" wires and cables imported as well as manufactured in Pakistan under license.

A life time guarantee is provided along with a comprehensive customer support system. Now our online customer support provides our customers an instant access to our team of qualified engineers and professionals. We also provide Cable and Wires of different types and specifications as per customer needs. 

"We don't make something that's good enough," Zero One Engineering CEO remarks.

"We make it really good, so it will stand up in the field."








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